Electric cooperative and utility online class library

Electric cooperative and utility accounting and finance is specialized and unique!

How you approach financial processes, FERC, FASB, and GASB accounting and reporting, electric rates, and strategy implementation are vital in managing your organization and recovering costs in electric rates. 

The library of electric co-op and utility classes addresses topics from introductory to the complex. Classes in electric general, work order, regulatory, and electric FERC construction accounting lead to higher-level classes in analyzing financial statements, developing electric rates, finance, and implementing strategy.

The course catalog includes classes for new Board members and employees, providing introductory, high-level reviews of financial statements and electric rates. 

These electric co-op and electric utility classes provide practical approaches to both everyday and infrequent business situations. The knowledge you gain will add value to your organization and help build your career skills!

How will these courses benefit my electric organization and my career skills?

  • Why should I take these courses?

    These classes provide you with details on power and utilities industry best practices and examples based on real-world situations. You'll find these are tools you can't live without when it comes to making sure your organization recovers its costs of operations from customers. To you personally, taking courses from our course library will give you an edge when it comes to having a background in the more complex areas of electric industry accounting. You'll have expert knowledge that will benefit your company and your career!

  • Our electric utility or electric cooperative isn't that large - can I use this information?

    Utilities and coops of all sizes can use these techniques - not just large utilities. Your utility will reap the benefits of using these concepts in developing equitable customer rates and recovering all operating costs, debt service, and capital costs.

  • What are the advance knowledge requirements for the class?

    These classes will walk you through the entire process of the techniques and standards being discussed - from the accounting theory, to implementing new processes, making the journal entries, knowing the rate impacts, and financial statement disclosures.

  • Are the quizzes hard?

    Nope. You'll have no trouble acing the quizzes.

Your thoughts about co-op and utility accounting and finance BEFORE taking a UAES course

  • FERC accounting vs. FASB or GASB financial accounting makes no sense.

  • I'm the head of electric utility work order accounting and our budgets are always off, not in a good way, what do I do?

  • I am supposed to approve electric rates and financial statements, but I don't know what I'm looking at or even the right questions to ask. I don't want to sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. 

  • I know our accounting and business processes impact electric rates, but I don't think what we do has a big impact on customers.

  • I am a new employee and don't know the power and utilities business.

  • Power and utilities accounting and business processes are boring.

Your insights AFTER taking a UAES accounting and finance course!

  • FERC, FASB, and GASB can work together like a great dancing team!

  • The best electric cooperatives and utilities in the nation wrestle with work orders and meeting budgets. The course series on work order accounting gave me insights into those best practices. Now we have a plan to close the gaps and get back on track. 

  • I know what part of the financials and rate studies that matter. I'm asking great questions and cutting to the heart of the matter before making the final decisions on rate and budget approval. 

  • I can train our finance staff on how what they do and how they do it impacts electric rates.

  • Team members look at me in awe as I can now hold a conversation on FERC accounting, electric ratemaking, work order accounting, and financial management with our consultants and anyone in our organization!

  • Power and utilities accounting is fun and entertaining! I can't wait to get to work!