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These courses are designed to build your electric co-op and utility accounting and finance knowledge, add to your career skills, and benefit your organization!

Upcoming courses

  • Intermediate electric ratemaking for Board Members and finance management

  • Understanding financial statements - for the non-accountant

  • ESG accounting and reporting

  • How do we position our rates for residential time of use and electric vehicles

  • Evaluating assets for impairment under ASC 360 or GASB 42

Electric cooperative and utility online class library

Electric cooperative and utility accounting and finance is specialized and unique!

How you approach accounting financial processes, FERC, FASB, and GASB reporting, and strategy implementation are vital in managing your organization and recovering costs in electric rates. 

The library of electric co-op and utility classes addresses topics from introductory to the complex. Classes in electric general, work order, regulatory, and electric FERC construction accounting lead to higher-level classes in developing electric rates, finance, and implementing strategy.

These electric co-op and electric utility classes provide practical approaches to everyday and infrequent business situations. The knowledge you gain will add value to your organization and help build your career skills!